Johnsons assists entrepreneurs with business acquisition projects, on both the buy side as the sell side. The partners of Johnsons come from entrepreneurial families themselves and recognize the motives and questions entrepreneurs have in this process like no other.


Sell side assistance

Buy side assistance

Selling your business is almost never just about the financial aspect. It is often the result of a phase of long thoughts and considerations. As an entrepreneur, you probably built your business from the ground up. Should we sell the (family) business at all? This is a tough question for good reason. That is why we understand very well that such a decision involves emotions. For that reason we always carefully map out which preparations you should take and which steps need to be taken for a successful sale. In addition, we pay at least as much attention to the consequences for your employees, customers and the reputation of your company.

At Johnsons we support entrepreneurs with the purchase of a company, you can think of the following subjects:

  • You would like to do a strategic acquisition to expand existing business activities.
  • The existing management gets the opportunity to buy a part or 100% of the shares in their company, Management Buy-Out.
  • As an entrepreneur or with a management team, you would like to buy shares in a company, Management Buy-In.
  • A private equity party would like to buy a stake in your company.